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Pure Performance GTX 780


Team PNY_FOLDS Folding report
December 4, 2010 3:00PM

 Ok I slacked off last week with my blog.The Holidays made me kinda busy.I will give some numbers for the 48 hour Team Event we had.Sunday the 21st Standford had a stats server go down.They got it back up and running later in the day.That gave some big point updates for everybody.We had 507,768 points on the 21st.Starting in on the start of the Event we put out 367,170 on the 22nd.With 422,619 put out on the 23rd.We even had a real strong day on the 24th with 536,797.Thats a 4 day total of 1,834,354.That is a GREAT effort by the Team.I would like to give a BIG Thanks to HayesK for bringing over a bunch of GPU clients for the Event.I also want to Give a Big Thanks to everybody else.

Race to the Top 100 update.As of the 6am update We are 2.3 days from the 103 spot and  2.5 days from the 102 spot.With only 4.6 days from the 101 spot.That would bring Us to the 100 spot,At Our current rate that will be in 1.2 weeks.With a good hard push in 3.1 weeks We will be at spot 99.That will be a Great start to the new year.

With the New year right around the corner it's time to start making plans to make Team_PNY Folds bigger and better than this last year.I have plans for adding a second I7 rig this month and maybe 3rd in January.That would bring 2 additional Bigadv clients to the Team.I see some of the folders have been upgrading to some new Fermi cards.Once you guys get them up and running post some ppd results.

As always comments are welcome.Please visit the Folding section in the forums.



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